Purchase a symbolic stone

Centuries ago the Stones of the castle have resisted many invasions from enemy attacks. Miraculously most of the original stones have remained in and around the castle up till today. We just need to put them in its place like a puzzle.

You can help us with this challenge and put a Stone back in its place (in exchange) for a symbolic amount of money. In the end – in theory – each Stone of the castle will be owned by someone. In the future an application will be created, so everybody will be able to see the precise stone he was helping with.

Please Help us with a STONE

¼ Stone – 25 €

Will receive a newsletter of the progress of the work + their name will be written in the big golden book of the castle displayed at the entrance.

½ Stone – 50 €

Same as above + can write 7-10 sentences who will be buried in a special time capsule at the inauguration of the castle. The time capsule will be opened in 2115.

1 Stone – 100 €

Same as above + for the first 350 participants only: As the Castle will have its own rules and will host guests for the future centuries to come, the days in the Castle calendar will be named after those who helped us from the very beginning (see example). You have a unique opportunity to place your name and your flag on the calendar. When the castle will be operational: we will call each day by the name given (example: January 13: J. McPherson Day)

*1+1 Gift Stone – 150 €

Same as above + They have the opportunity to choose the day they want to. (Except Christmas and other important days related to the Templars.)

*2+1 Gift Stone – 250 €

Same as above + Receive a unique Camino Castle Project gift.

*5+2 Stone – 500 €

Same as above + (the gift is larger and can be personalized) Help accommodate and provide a meal for 5 Pilgrims from all over the world who cannot afford to pay for the hostel.

*10+3 Stone – 1 000 €

Same as above + Will be invited to the inauguration of the Castle, Help accommodate and provide a meal for 10 Pilgrims from all over the world who cannot afford to pay for the hostel.

100 Stone – 10 000 €

Same as above + accommodation at the inauguration: Name engraved on a wall at the main entrance or leave message for the future (optional), special guest of the Fundación board.

1 000 Stone – 100 000 €

Same as above + Name engraved in big in the main wall (optional), I. Level membership in the Foundation’s board, each year reserved a special place to spend in the Castle for a lifetime. (Please contact us personally)

IBAN: ES59 0182 1826 1102 0153 7593