Templar spirituality

The Templar presence was very strong in the area to protect the routes and the pilgrims, and they still highly regarded in Spain, especially on the Camino. The Castillo de Sarracín was used by the Templars and to remember that mystic and chivalric order and to give back the Castle its true authentic values, we thought the castle should be a Templar castle.

The Templars were the most famous military order of the middle ages and the first international military organization known to be independent of sovereign states. Their courage in battle and their faith became legendary through the ages despite the fact that the order only existed for 200 years. (1119-1312)
The order consisted of warrior monks whose duties were to protect the Pilgrims in their voyage to Jerusalem and to Santiago. They are the ones who invented and instituted the banking system to make the long and dangerous journey safer.

Their mysticism and legends live on, and their chivalric code still inspires millions of people around the world. There are countless Templar organizations worldwide who feel the need to keep the traditions and values of this legendary order.