The castle

“The best way to preserve an ancient domain, is by continuing to use it.”

Castillo de Sarracín is a castle-fortress located near the village of Vega de Valcarce in Spain, 160 km from Santiago de Compostela. The first structure was probably built by the invading Moors around the end of 8th century, but it is very possible that there is an even older structure underneath from the Celtic era. Due to its highly strategic location, it was used by the Knights Templars for more than a hundred years to protect the pilgrim routes. The castle has resisted many attacks during its long history. Interesting to note regarding its strength, that in the 15th century, during the Irmandiña rebellion, it was the only castle who resisted the constant siege, while the other surrounding castles (Corrullón, Balboa and Cornatel) fell to the enemy invasion. The fortress was used by several noble families, until the 16th century and has been abandoned ever since. The castle was donated to the Town hall of Vega de Valcarce in 1973 and it’s under the protection of the Spanish Cultural Heritage.