The project

The idea

The aim of the project is to build a very special pilgrim hostel and healing & meditation center unique to the Camino and maybe the world.

The idea is to restore it according to the original medieval style but using the best-known technologies to create a 21st century establishment.

An amazing medieval castle made by natural elements but hidden behind the best-known technologies to operate it. Solar panels and small wind turbines will provide electricity, and rainwater will be collected and recycled to provide running water. The castle will be operated very efficiently and independently from external sources The Eco village around the castle will provide always fresh and healthy food for guests and pilgrims living in the castle. A ‘living’ castle, where communities are created, where people share thoughts, live, eat and spend the night in a true medieval ambience in the spirit of the Camino.

The castle will have several usages when rebuilt:

  • Accommodate pilgrims from all over the world who are walking the way of Saint-James and looking for spiritual renewal.
  • Accommodate people who wish to escape from noisy modern society and and re-energize themselves in a true medieval castle.
  • Accommodate school excursions, universities, and children of all age, or everyone who wish to experience some time in a real castle with its own medieval rules adapted to our modern lives.
  • Research Centre and Library of the History of the Pilgrimage and the History and secret spirituality of mysterious Templars.
  • Pilgrim archive, where people can leave their memories of their special journey for the future generations.
  • Welcome tourists who wish to visit this special castle and enjoy the fresh air and panorama. Have a coffee or freshly made food from our Eco village or buy a special Templar castle souvenir in the gift shop. Learn how to grow their own vegetables or study how the renewable energy system works.