Templar castle retreat

Guests in Private or VIP rooms can enjoy the spirit of the Camino while sharing time with pilgrims or other guests from all over the world. They can participate in the work in the castle or just reenergize themselves in this magical place. They can also choose an active meditation while working and learning in the bio garden, or taking care of horses or other animals they choose. They can go for a hike in the beautiful mountains or learn and work medieval forging, coinage or stone carving. They will receive special advice suit to their needs to spend the most practical way they journey of recovery.

The VIP rooms come with an exclusive price tag. People who wish to stay agree to help the ones that need it the most. While the castle is being built a well-organized publicity campaign will be made among wealthy people and celebrities to find those people who wish to participate in the long-term objectives.

They can relax and heal themselves or just experience this unique place by helping the foundation with a significant donation. They will receive help and advice if they want to walk the Camino, but wish to stay unnoticeable to have the true Pilgrim experience (most Pilgrims do not wish to be bothered while walking because the main reason for the long journey is to look and understand the inside of ourselves).