Unique castle albergue

In the spirit of the 1000 years old European pilgrimage, the main duty of the castle will be to host pilgrims walking the most emblematic European pilgrim route, the 790 kilometres (490 Miles) , Way of Saint-James.

Pilgrims will have an exceptional opportunity to spend the night in a real living medieval castle, with its Templar castle rules, adapted to our modern times.

Arrival at the Castle

As part of the pilgrim challenge, pilgrims will have to walk up to the castle from the pilgrim route. It’s almost a kilometre long, and the fortress is 150 meters above the village. Not everybody will walk up to the castle from the pilgrim crowd, making it an exceptional journey for those who will take that challenge. They will enjoy the walk among an amazing forest. Along the way, they will be able to relax several times on special hand carved benches and quench their thirst with fresh mountain water coming from a well.

At the entrance of the Castle, they will be welcomed with fresh fruit from our garden, and they can remove their boots, while the Hospitalero helps wash their feet from a running water source specially built for that purpose. This is a very important symbol, reinforcing the spirit of the Camino and the teachings of Jesus. Also a deeper connection is created between two people: the one willing to wash the feet of an unknown individual with love and humility, and the other letting the other accepting the gift and kindness.

A page boy will escort you to the Medieval Tavern to register and receive a special Templar castle stamp. You will have several options while staying in the castle: You can participate in the Templar work life of the Castle, meditate in our Templar Chapel, enjoy the amazing view and fill your lungs with pure fresh air from the mountains. You can visit our Eco village and learn how to grow fresh vegetables in your home or just chill for a few hours in the special built medieval spa, with a huge wooden bath and medieval steam room and sauna to ease your achy muscles after a long walk. You can get to know more about the life of the Templars or read other pilgrims memories in the library, while having coffee. You can help us to prepare dinner, and then enjoy the extensive dinner among other guests in the medieval dining room next to an amazing fireplace. At night, if the weather conditions allow it, we will sit by the fire and listen to songs or just enjoy the night after a long journey. Then you can expect to have the best sleep in your Camino, in a strong wooden bed, especially hand made for the need, and comfort of an exhausted pilgrim.

There is no other castle hostel in the 790 kilometre journey, that offers similar or such a complex experience for pilgrims.

During the off-peak period, the castle will open its doors for children or students excursions of all ages from Europe and all over the World. They will be able to have a very unique experience while staying in a real Templar castle and learn how people lived in harmony with the nature, and understand, that life can also be very interesting and exciting away from their smart phones and electronics.