Visitors & Tourists

As well, like other refurbished castles, the unique Castillo de Sarracín will attract a large number of locals and tourists. Visitors will be able to spend a few hours visiting the medieval castle and its uniqueness. They can buy souvenirs, or just have coffee while enjoying the amazing view. They can observe the functioning renewable energy systems: the solar panels, wind turbines and water recycling methods.

A small exhibition will be available to show them the modern technology well hidden behind the medieval walls and wooden structures. There will be no plastic switches and other visible non-natural elements, which would damage the medieval ambiance.

The Eco Village around the castle will also be an interesting area to visit with many fresh fruits and vegetables. Guests can receive advice on how to start their own garden at home and buy books and seeds in the gift shop. They will be able to buy organic produce when the garden is expanded and will had a surplus.

The visitors can discover the research centre of the Foundation, whose main priority will be to collect memories of pilgrims of the Camino to preserve them for future generations. They can learn more about the history of Pilgrimage in Spain, and the history of the mysterious Templars.

But the most interesting part will be on the week end, when we will organize events for all ages, demonstrating the life in a real medieval castle. Kids will enjoy our knights demonstrating medieval fights, while adults can enjoy the creativity of artisanal, handmade instruments.

We intend to offer a very interesting time for local visitors combining the true medieval experience with warmth Spanish hospitality.